Risk-Mapping and Local Capacities
Lessons from Mexico and Central America

Paper: 978 0 85598 420 5 / $29.95
Published: April 2000  

Publisher: Oxfam Publishing
80 pp., 8 1/4" x 11 1/2"
Series: Oxfam Working Papers Series
This working paper records an exercise carried out by Oxfam GB to map out the range of natural hazards and other risks to which people in Mexico and Central America are exposed. It also relates these to complex social, economic, political, and cultural factors that make some social sectors more critically vulnerable than others in emergencies. Further, it identifies the wide range of local capacities (organizational, social, governmental, and non-governmental) that can contribute to developing effective approaches to disaster prevention and mitigation programs, as well as emergency rehabilitation and reconstruction programs.

Reviews & Endorsements:
"An interesting, clearly-presented and challenging report….The lessons from this study go far beyond Central America, and have important implications for disaster preparedness and coping mechanisms in most countries.”
- Geographical Journal