For a Safer Tomorrow
Protecting Civilians in a Multipolar World

Paper: 978 0 85598 630 8 / $25.95
Published: October 2008  

Publisher: Oxfam Publishing
148 pp., 8 1/3" x 10 1/4"
four color throughout

Series: An Oxfam International Research Report
Nearly a decade into the 21st century, the threat of conflict, and the inevitable killing of civilians that comes with it, is as great as ever. A profound shift in the distribution of global power, also …
Unless the world takes effective action to reduce it, it can only get worse.

This report argues both that we as citizens, as well as people in positions of power should and can take action now to make security a reality for all citizens worldwide

Fundamentally because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it’s in everyone’s interest. All governments have not only economic and political interest in reducing threat to their people, but moral interests too. Electorates expect them to prevent, not just condemn, the atrocities that information technology beams around the world. So upholding the agreed ‘Responsibility to Protect’ is the rational and only choice.

Through a combination of local action, national responsibilty, regional solidarity, and international support. There are examples at every level of initiatives to protect civilians that really work. The challenge is to generate the willingness and capacity to replicate these isolated examples until they become the norm. What is needed is a powerful global movement to promote civilians’ rights in the current context of a profound shift in the distribution of global power.

Table of Contents:
Summary; 1) Introduction; 2) Real and Future Danger; 3) Building on Success; 4) Standing Between People and Protection; 5) In Place of Failure; 6) Conclusion: Choosing the Future; Notes; Index.

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