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Agriculture:    Biopesticides
Agriculture:    Biotechnology in Agriculture Series
Agriculture:    Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Series
Agriculture:    Crop Production Science in Horticulture
Agriculture:    Farm Business Management Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    ABRS Identification Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Australian Beetles Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Australian Weevils Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    CAB Reviews
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Modular Texts Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Monographs on Invertebrate Taxonomy Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Poultry Science Symposium Series
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Royal Entomological Society
Animal & Veterinary Science:    Zoological Catalogue of Australia Series
Anthropology & Sociology:    Understanding Children's Social Care
Aquatic Science:    Algae of Australia Series
Biography:    Rudolf Steiner, Life and Work
Business & Economics:    Masters in Management
Business & Economics:    Thorogood Reports
Climate & Weather:    CABI Climate Change Series
Community Colleges:    Innovative Ideas for Community Colleges Series
Computing:    Pocket Primer
Education:    Critical Interventions: Politics, Culture, and the Promise of Democracy
Education:    Critical Introductions in Education
Education:    Cultural Politics and the Promise of Democracy
Education:    Culture and Society in Higher Education
Education:    Interventions: Education, Philosophy, and Culture
Education:    Series in Critical Narrative
Education:    Teacher's Toolkit
Education:    Timely Classics in Education
Education K-12:    Bedford Way Papers
Education K-12:    Discourse, Power and Resistance Series
Education K-12:    European Issues in Children's Identity & Citizenship Series
Education K-12:    European Issues in Children’s Identity and Citizenship
Education K-12:    Guided Reading
Education K-12:    IOE Inaugural Directorial Lecture
Education K-12:    IOE Inaugural Professorial Lectures
Education K-12:    Issues in Practice
Education K-12:    Perspectives on Educational Policy
Education K-12:    Professorial Lectures
Education K-12:    Viewpoint
Education K-12:    White Teachers / Diverse Classrooms Companion Products
Education K-12:    Wider Benefits of Learning
Fiction / Poetry:    The Tremayne Triology
Food Safety & Production:    Food Regulation Standing Committee Technical Report Series
Food Safety & Production:    Microbiological Risk Assessment Series
Food Safety & Production:    Primary Industries Report Series
Forestry:    IUFRO Research Series
Foundations of Waldorf Education:    Foundations of Waldorf Education
Higher Education:    ACPA Books co-published with Stylus Publishing
Higher Education:    An ACPA / NASPA Joint Publication
Higher Education:    An ACPA/NACA Publication
Higher Education:    Developing Quality Dissertations
Higher Education:    Effective Practices for Academic Leaders Archive
Higher Education:    Engaged Research and Practice for Social Justice in Education
Higher Education:    Enhancing Learning Series
Higher Education:    IUPUI Series on Service Learning Research
Higher Education:    Journeys to Leadership Series
Higher Education:    Learning Climates that Cultivate Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Disciplines
Higher Education:    Lecturing for Effective Learning DVDs
Higher Education:    New Pathways Series
Higher Education:    New Pedagogies and Practices for Teaching in Higher Education
Higher Education:    Online Learning and Distance Education
Higher Education:    Reframing Campus Conflict / Student Conduct Practice
Higher Education:    Service Learning for Civic Engagement Series
Higher Education:    Service Learning in the Disciplines Series
Higher Education:    Stylus Higher Education Policy Series
Higher Education:    The Excellent Teacher Series
Higher Education:    Understanding College and University Organization
Higher Education:    Women in Academe Series
Higher Eduction: Teaching & Learning:    Concise Guides to College Teaching and Learning
History:    U.S. History in International Perspective
International Development:    An Oxfam International Research Report
International Development:    Building for Safety Series
International Development:    Energy and Environment Technology Source Books Series
International Development:    Experiences and Learning in International Cooperation Series
International Development:    Food Techology Source Book Series (UNIFEM)
International Development:    Gender, Society and Development Series
International Development:    Handbook for Community Workers Series
International Development:    ILEIA Readings in Sustainable Agriculture
International Development:    Indigenous Knowledge and Development Series
International Development:    Intermediate Technology Publications in Participation Series
International Development:    ITDG Briefings Series
International Development:    ITDG Working Papers
International Development:    Oxfam Basic Guides
International Development:    Oxfam Country Profiles Series
International Development:    Oxfam Development Casebook Series
International Development:    Oxfam Development Guidelines
International Development:    Oxfam Focus on Gender Series
International Development:    Oxfam Pick-up-and-Go Training Pack Series
International Development:    Oxfam Skills and Practice Series
International Development:    Oxfam Working in Gender and Development Series
International Development:    Oxfam Working Papers Series
International Development:    Practical Managements for Third World Rural Development Associations
International Development:    Programme Insights
International Development:    Rural Building Course
International Development:    Small Building Contractor series
International Development:    Small-Scale Textiles Series
International Development:    Sustainable Rural Development Series
International Development:    Up in Smoke? series
International Development:    Urban Management Series
International Development:    Viewpoints
International Development:    VSO ECOE Programme Series
International Development:    Workshop Equipment Manual
International Relations:    International Studies Intensives
International Relations:    Patterns of Potential Human Progress
International Relations:    Political Economy of the World-System Annuals
Law:    Everyday Law
Medicine:    IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention
Medicine:    IARC Handbooks of Cancer Prevention in Tobacco Control
Medicine:    IARC Information Bulletin
Medicine:    IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risks to Humans
Medicine:    IARC Scientific Publications
Medicine:    IARC Technical Reports
Medicine:    IARC WHO Classification of Tumours
Music:    Nine Lives Musical Series
Natural History:    Australasian Nature Photography Series
Natural History:    Australasian Nature Photography Series
Natural History:    Australian Natural History Series
Natural History:    Microscopic Worlds
Paradigm Handbooks:    Paradigm Handbooks
Plant Science / Horticulture:    CABI Biotechnology Series
Plant Science / Horticulture:    CABI Invasives Series
Plant Science / Horticulture:    CABI Plant Protection Series
Plant Science / Horticulture:    CSIRO Publishing Gardening Guides
Plant Science / Horticulture:    Flora of Australia Series
Plant Science / Horticulture:    Flora of Australia Supplementary Series
Plant Science / Horticulture:    Fungi of Australia Series
Plant Science / Horticulture:    IMI Technical Handbooks
Plant Science / Horticulture:    Landlinks Press
Plant Science / Horticulture:    Mycological Paper
Plant Science / Horticulture:    Phytopathological Paper
Plant Science / Horticulture:    Principles and Protocols Series
Politics:    Media and Power
Politics:    On Politics
Politics:    Pathways of Politics
Public Health:    A CIOMS Publication
Public Health:    A EURO Publication
Public Health:    A SEARO Publication
Public Health:    A UNAIDS Publication
Public Health:    A WPRO Publication
Public Health:    An EMRO Publication
Public Health:    CIOMS Round Table Conference
Public Health:    CIOMS Round Table Proceedings
Public Health:    Collection de l'Observatoire mondial de la cybersanté
Public Health:    Concise International Chemical Assessment Documents
Public Health:    EMRO Technical Publication Series
Public Health:    Environmental Health Criteria Series
Public Health:    Frontiers in Nutritional Science
Public Health:    Global Observatory for eHealth Series
Public Health:    Health and Human Rights Publication Series
Public Health:    Health in the Green Economy
Public Health:    Health Policy for Children and Adolescents
Public Health:    Health Systems in Transition
Public Health:    Health Workforce Development Series
Public Health:    HIV/AIDS Reference Library for Nurses
Public Health:    Mental Health Policy and Service Guidance Package
Public Health:    Observatory Studies Series
Public Health:    Occupational Health for All Series
Public Health:    PAHO Scientific Publication
Public Health:    Progress and Impact Series
Public Health:    Public Health in Action
Public Health:    SEARO Regional Health Papers
Public Health:    SEARO Technical Publications
Public Health:    Serie de documentos técnicos de la OMS sobre dispositivos médicos
Public Health:    Série de Rapports techniques
Public Health:    Série Education en actio
Public Health:    Serie publicaciones sobre salud y derechos humanos
Public Health:    Série Santé et droits humains
Public Health:    Série technique de l'OMS sur les dispositifs médicaux
Public Health:    Social Determinants of Health Discussion Paper
Public Health:    Social Determinants of Health Sectoral Briefing Series
Public Health:    Special Topics in Social Economic and Behavioural Research Report Series
Public Health:    The WHO/IUATLD Global Project on Anti-Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Surveillance
Public Health:    Western Pacific Series
Public Health:    WHO Food Additives Series
Public Health:    WHO Guide for Effective Programmes
Public Health:    WHO Medical Device Technical Series
Public Health:    WHO Offset Publication
Public Health:    WHO Pacific Regional Office Education in Action Series
Public Health:    WHO Pesticide Residues in Food
Public Health:    WHO Regional Publications Eastern Mediterranean Series
Public Health:    WHO Regional Publications European Series
Public Health:    WHO Regional Publications SEARO Series
Public Health:    WHO Regional Publications South-East Asia Series
Public Health:    WHO Regional Publications Western Pacific Series
Public Health:    WHO Technical Report Series
Public Health:    World Health Reports
Science:    Bright Ideas Series
Sociology:    Classics in Gender Studies
Sociology:    Fernand Braudel Center Series
Sociology:    Great Barrington Books
Sociology:    New Critical Viewpoints on Society
Sociology:    New Worlds Series
Sociology:    Studies in Comparative Social Science
Sociology:    The Radical Imagination
Sociology:    The Sociological Imagination
Sociology:    The Yale Cultural Sociology Series
Sociology:    Transnational Feminist Studies
Soil Science:    Australian Soil and Land Survey Handbooks Series
Soil Science:    Basics of Recharge and Discharge Series
Tourism Studies:    CABI Tourism Texts
Tourism Studies:    Ecotourism Series
Travel:    Speak the Culture